Empowering Education -How Edumpus Is Evolving Into An EdTech Unicorn


Edumpus is an admission process-centric social communication platform designed to simplify the communication between Educational Institutions and students. It also involves facilitating an advisory service to students by allowing educational consultants to access the information published on the website and take procedural actions like applying for an institution, following up on the status of the application, and maintaining an MIS report for other usages. With a humongous portfolio of 500+ institutions from more than 28 countries from across the globe, Edumpus truly makes the dream of a global education fraternity come true.

We at Edumpus aspire to emerge as a connecting bridge between institutions and students from across the globe to help global outreach and cross border student exchange with our Global Catalyst and Value Chain propositions that shall not only help the students in making well-informed decisions that are best for their academic careers but also provide an impetus to the pursuit of good students for which institutions have to leverage a lot of resources that eventually make it an exhaustive process.

Our mission is to harness optimum productivity out of every single resource spent or implemented in the pursuit of a global educational community through the products and services that are of an international repute and ensure last-mile endowment of such services by cutting down on the information overload and simplifying each and every educational transaction to the best of the industry’s practices. 

We embarked on this aspiration journey early of 2019 into the market, we can proudly flaunt an institutional portfolio of 500+ across the global. To provide these institutions with ample recruitment opportunities as promised, we have an immensely strong agent network of 600+ from different parts of the Indian subcontinent, South Asia & MENA region who are actively associated with us and are instrumental in the business process that we have created and nurtured with enthusiasm and passion.

Our state of the art portal allows our channel partners who are primarily Overseas Education Consultants to upload and process applications on behalf of their clients i.e. students. Our CRM mechanism simplifies the whole process for the consultants by ensuring the safe storage of sensitive information in such a strategic way that these pieces of information can be accessed and acted upon on the portal itself with minimal effort. Since our portal undertakes all the information logistics, the consultants can focus more on business development with lesser involvement of manpower eventually resulting in higher revenues. We also share a majority of the revenues generated through the commissions received from the institutions making it a win-win business environment for all the stakeholders. Our client relationship department is always on its toes to provide hand-holding support to our clients with the optimum adherence to an aggressive service level agreement and has helped us in getting hundreds of applications so far which are ultimately supposed to culminate in monetary returns benefiting us and our clients at the same time. 

We started off with the B2B business vertical where we are working as service providers to the educational consultants and our impeccable service has helped us expand our outreach to not only in India but also in other countries of the world. Soon after cementing our place in the B2B segment, we decided to focus on the B2C business vertical too which came into being in the form of a social communication platform with an offering called the Global Educational Network that allows individuals seeking any form of educational service to build and enhance their profiles on the platform. 

Furthermore, they can connect with institutions and other individuals with similar interests and engage in peer-group discussions. The Global Educational Network also provides access to value-added services and propositions such as student lodging, ticketing, and travel management at exciting prices which makes us a single-window service provider. 

In pursuit of becoming a unicorn in this sphere, we are constantly striving to add newer features on a daily basis. In the coming days, users will also be able to access digitized educational material in the Knowledge Center segment. We are also in the process of associating with some online certification course providers which add a cutting edge to the academic and professional profiles of our users at reasonable costs so that the apparent gap between excellence and success is bridged as a result. 


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June 11 2020
You have bright future in light of the new era. It’s all about how wisely we use it toss the coin. Keep go ahead and succeed in the trillion dollars industry

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