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Edumpus is an admission process-centric social communication platform designed to simplify the communication between Educational Institutions and students. It also involves facilitating an advisory service to students by allowing educational consultants to access the information published on the website and take procedural actions like applying for an institution, following up on the status of the application, and maintaining an MIS report for other usages. With a humongous portfolio of 500+ institutions from more than 28 countries from across the globe, Edumpus truly makes the dream of a global education fraternity come true.

We at Edumpus aspire to emerge as a connecting bridge between institutions and students from across the globe to help global outreach and cross border student exchange with our Global Catalyst and Value Chain propositions that shall not only help the students in making well-informed decisions that are best for their academic careers but also provide an impetus to the pursuit of good students for which institutions have to leverage a lot of resources that eventually make it an exhaustive process.

Our mission is to harness optimum productivity out of every single resource spent or implemented in the pursuit of a global educational community through the products and services that are of an international repute and ensure last-mile endowment of such services by cutting down on the information overload and simplifying each and every educational transaction to the best of the industry’s practices. 

We embarked on this aspiration journey early of 2019 into the market, we can proudly flaunt an institutional portfolio of 500+ across the global. To provide these institutions with ample recruitment opportunities as promised, we have an immensely strong agent network of 600+ from different parts of the Indian subcontinent, South Asia & MENA region who are actively associated with us and are instrumental in the business process that we have created and nurtured with enthusiasm and passion.

Our state of the art portal allows our channel partners who are primarily Overseas Education Consultants to upload and process applications on behalf of their clients i.e. students. Our CRM mechanism simplifies the whole process for the consultants by ensuring the safe storage of sensitive information in such a strategic way that these pieces of information can be accessed and acted upon on the portal itself with minimal effort. Since our portal undertakes all the information logistics, the consultants can focus more on business development with lesser involvement of manpower eventually resulting in higher revenues. We also share a majority of the revenues generated through the commissions received from the institutions making it a win-win business environment for all the stakeholders. Our client relationship department is always on its toes to provide hand-holding support to our clients with the optimum adherence to an aggressive service level agreement and has helped us in getting hundreds of applications so far which are ultimately supposed to culminate in monetary returns benefiting us and our clients at the same time. 

We started off with the B2B business vertical where we are working as service providers to the educational consultants and our impeccable service has helped us expand our outreach to not only in India but also in other countries of the world. Soon after cementing our place in the B2B segment, we decided to focus on the B2C business vertical too which came into being in the form of a social communication platform with an offering called the Global Educational Network that allows individuals seeking any form of educational service to build and enhance their profiles on the platform. 

Furthermore, they can connect with institutions and other individuals with similar interests and engage in peer-group discussions. The Global Educational Network also provides access to value-added services and propositions such as student lodging, ticketing, and travel management at exciting prices which makes us a single-window service provider. 

In pursuit of becoming a unicorn in this sphere, we are constantly striving to add newer features on a daily basis. In the coming days, users will also be able to access digitized educational material in the Knowledge Center segment. We are also in the process of associating with some online certification course providers which add a cutting edge to the academic and professional profiles of our users at reasonable costs so that the apparent gap between excellence and success is bridged as a result. 

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Simplified Enrollments to 500+ Universities

We guide you through the extensive admissions process laid down by different institutions from across the globe. Our Services Include:

  • 1. Find Courses: It is very troublesome for an aspirant to make well-informed decisions about which country, which institution, and which course to select. This is where we come to your rescue by offering appropriate assistance. As an online counselor, Edumpus advises and helps the candidate to decide on her/his Course, College/University with our incredible platform.
  • 3. Offer Condition Guidance: With so many institutions, so many countries and so many different courses on offer worldwide and each of them have their own terms and conditions for admission, settlement, and relocation. Our platform is right here to guide you through every single T&C & instruction which will help you to meet the conditions of their particular institution/university separately.
  • 5. Travel & Accommodation Assistance: Need help with booking a flight to the destination country or finding it difficult in searching for credible accommodation options close to your institution? We’ve got you covered every step of the way.
  • 2. Application Process: A common application form for 500+ Universities & Colleges. We offer tech-enabled assistance in filing the applications to the institutions by simplifying the necessary information and standardizing the communication between the students & institutions.
  • 4. Interviews & Visa Training: Clearing a university interview is not a cakewalk and at times it turns out to be the most difficult part of the whole immigration process. Most of our consulates require the applicant to appear for interviews and facing the interviews may be a complex task. Our experts encourage aspirants to gather the right records while being extremely cautious with documentation and visa training services provided to them.

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Academic Growth Ecosystem

We cut down on the information overload and bring all the important services under one umbrella to empower you in making well informed to help you grow academically.

Choose from any of the following products to grow at the desired pace:

  • Eligibility Meter: Eligibility Meter is a scoring algorithm that, on the basis of the profile readiness of a student, suggests how likely they are to get enrolled in the top institutions of their choice. On the basis of this scoring, the students can further try to put some extra effort in order to enhance their eligibility to get enrolled in the institution of their choice. The eligibility meter also allows a mock admission process identical to those of the international institutions to help the students prepare for their enrolment process.
  • Emporium: Emporium is an aggregator service for various online certifications and language proficiency courses that add immense value to the academic and professional profiles of the users. Courses ranging from Cybersecurity, ethical hacking, digital marketing, big data analysis, data science, foreign languages such as Spanish, German, French, etc. shall be brought to the perusal of the users after being selectively sourced from different service providers with the best product offerings. The students will have the option to shortlist and compare similar courses in order to zero down on the best-suited option according to their academic, professional, and financial requirements. All the courses will be made available to the students at the best possible prices.
  • EduCube: A coming of age virtual classroom that enhances the educational experience of the users by giving them the interactive feel of a real classroom without the need of having to go to it at all. Educube allows teachers and students to interact with live video streaming and tech-enabled interactive features. The best classroom sessions are those that involve active participation.
  • AdWiser: AdWiser is a bot-enabled counseling service that gathers, processes, and suggests the best fit relationship between a student and an institution. Cutting down on the information overload, it brings out the most relevant results based on the inputs provided by the user. A student enters relevant information about his/her academic achievements while making the profile or later while updating the profile. On the basis of the information provided, AdWiser tallies the same information with the eligibility criteria of various institutions from across the globe from its huge portfolio and suggests the student accordingly. It also allows the student to set budgets and time-specific goals and notifies the student on a real-time basis as soon as there is a development in the enrollment procedure of these carefully matched institutions.
  • Capsule: Capsule is a news and blog platform built inside the Edumpus Social Platform that sources all the relevant updates from the field of education globally that are collated in the shortest span of time to allow the students to access them and make well-informed decisions subsequently. Edumpus has a qualified research team that constantly keeps a watchful eye on the developments in the field of education ranging from immigration policies, eligibility information, new courses and degrees, events, etc.
  • Abode: Abode is an aggregator service offered by Edumpus to help students find credible & safe off-campus accommodation. A lot of international students find it difficult to get an on-campus accommodation and are required to arrange for an off-campus accommodation which becomes problematic as there is a lot of information overload due to the options available on the internet. Edumpus solves this problem by bringing out student-focused accommodation options that are verified and available at a very reasonable price. Edumpus provides this service at no extra cost and the students are supposed to pay on actuals for their accommodation.

For the Institutions


Triadge is a set of services offered under three major verticals by Edumpus to Educational Institutions looking forward to expanding their international student recruitment without necessarily having to set up a regional enrollment/admissions/marketing office. The three major verticals are the Global Catalyst Program, Value Chain Proposition & Campus Ambassador Program. All of these verticals are targeted towards bringing about a quantitative and qualitative growth in the international student recruitment activities of Institutions of global repute by facilitating an enhanced engagement with the prospective students.

  • Inquiry Management: The institutions can generate verified student leads by communicating with the student profiles showing interest in them and/or their courses. Based on the profile readiness, the institutions can filter out plausible profiles and choose to engage with them.
  • Admission Process Management" The institutions can publish and promote their courses on the platform and define the procedures according to their predetermined guidelines and practices and the platform shall automate the process and standardize each step of the process to the best understanding of the students.
  • Digital Promotions: We understand the needs of the students and we communicate with them in a way that our institution partners are presented as a solution-provider to their educational pursuits. All an institution needs to do is avail out Digital Promotion Services to get the desired visibility across different platforms.
  • Enrolment Management: The institutions can avail of the cloud-based data management system that stores the data/documents from the students and take admission/enrollment-related actions like issuing the offers, sending guidelines for fee payment, scheduling interviews, and declaring the merit list at the end of each intake process.
  • Cross Border Outreach Programs: The institutions can choose to interact with the target audience in a specific market outside of the admission process as a mode of PR activity and also collaborate with students from various institutions to conduct collaborated and inter-institutional events and activities.

How TRiADGE Works