Campus Ambassador

What is Campus Ambassador

Campus Ambassador Program is an internship opportunity for students from higher secondary and further levels of educational institutions wherein the Campus Ambassadors would be assigned certain on-ground marketing activities by Edumpus and upon successful execution of the same, the Campus Ambassadors would be rewarded in various ways like Pre-Placement Offers, Franchise Opportunities, Monetary Rewards, etc. The Campus Ambassadors would be required to evangelize about the products and services offered by Edumpus within their respective institutions with the primary objective of getting more and more users to participate in the engagement activities carried out by Edumpus on behalf of the international institutional partners. Any student can apply for the Campus Ambassador Program and they shall be contacted by the Marketing Team of Edumpus for further rules of engagement. Upon successful association with Edumpus, they shall be handed over weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually assessable tasks on the basis of which their performance shall be monitored. The tasks assigned to them during the tenure of engagement shall be remunerated by Edumpus on a mutually agreed basis. The Campus Ambassador program opens up the doors for ambitious students to become an integral part of the multi-billion-dollar industry across the globe without necessarily having to invest anything. While working with Edumpus, they shall also be paid a fair share of the monetary revenue that they shall generate for Edumpus

For the students

Learn the nuances of the career guidance industry first hand. Develop leadership and organizational skills. Polish your interpersonal skills. Become a certified Career Advisor and earn while helping your peers in achieving their career goals.

Career Options

Get a chance to become a part of our team, Become an Edumpus Certified Career Advisor, Start your own Academic Counselling Franchise.

Roles & Responsibilities

Evangelize the vision and mission of Edumpus among your peers through the communication support received. Carry out experimental career counseling sessions. Act as a single point of contact between Edumpus and your institution. Guide your peers towards their desired career goals.