Here are the best practices outlined when planning to study abroad

To start the fund, set a goal for it, that is achievable considering the time you have to save for it. If you are planning to take an educational loan, then your goal for the fund changes accordingly. Studying abroad is a dream of many but only a few achieve it, given the various factors […]

This startup is helping foreign education aspirants get into their preferred university for free

Social communication startup Edumpus has built an AI-led career guidance platform for students, helping them get settled into their university life abroad — for free. India is the second-largest source of international students after China. The Indian Ministry of External Affairs 2019 statistics reveals that there were nearly 753,000 Indian students studying abroad. Despite this, […]

How to identify your dream, target and safety colleges to study abroad

February 17, 2022, 6:17 PM IST Basil Ali in Voices, Lifestyle, TOI Every  year,  millions  of  students  аррly  to colleges аbrоаd  in  hорe  of  а  stаble  аs  well  аs  imрrоved  lifestyle,  finаnсes  аnd  роtentiаl  benefits  а  new  соuntry  brings, аlоng  with  саreer  grоwth.  Students  whо  аre  рlаnning  tо  аррly  tо  соlleges abroad  mаy  feel  оverwhelmed  […]

5 Things to Remember When Applying for a Higher Education Loan

Study in detail the interest rates, duration of repayment, late payment fees, and moratorium period offered by bank Opting for higher education in a premier university abroad comes with a price tag, and Indian students are often deterred by the amounts. But then, it shouldn’t. Because there are umpteen educational loans available today to fit […]