For Students

Counselling- Career guidance and Counseling is the first stride when a student is deciding about moving abroad. Using our distinct platform you can make well informed decisions about moving to another country further studies.

Course Finding-It is very troublesome for an aspirant to make well informed decisions about which country, which institution and which course to select. This is where we come to your rescue by offering appropriate assistance. As an online counselor, Edumpus advises and helps the candidate to decide on her/his Course, College/University with our incredible platform.

Applications-Edumpus enables the aspirant by providing them vital information to help them make choices of colleges from where to pursue their favored course using the brand name of our recruiting partner. Not just this, our platform exhibits the fees structure and aggregate assessed cost of living in a nation and directing throughout the admission procedure based on a successful strategy to maximize the chance of admissions in premier college/university with a global reputation. When coming to admission support, there is no contest for us. Throughout the admission process, our system performs exceptionally to ensure a full, error-free student application along with regular follow-ups with universities to ensure accelerated admissions for the concerned aspirants using our recruiting partners brand name.

Offer Condition Guidance- With so many institutions, so many countries and so many different courses on offer worldwide and each of them having their own terms and conditions for admission, settlement and relocation. Our platform is right here to guide you through every single T&C & instructions which will help you to meet the conditions of their particular institution/university separately.

Interviews & Visa Training- Clearing a university interview is not a cakewalk and at times it turns out to be the most difficult part of the whole immigration process. Most of our consulates require the applicant to appear for interviews and facing the interviews may be a complex task. Our experts encourage aspirants to gather the right records while being extremely cautious with documentation and visa training services provided to them.

Visa Interview- Getting a visa is a long & arduous task. Not only the applications are thoroughly examined but certain types of visas require a personal interview with the country’s representatives at their Embassy/VFS/ Consulate office. Our team of expert visa consultants has expertise across all countries and provide you with the necessary training and tips to successfully take you through the visa procedure.

Concierge Services- Moving to another country, be it for study or settling, is not a minor task. We understand the stress and pressure this phase can cause and our travel and relocation expertise enables you to meet all your requirements right from making boarding pass at the airport to their accommodation movements.We recognize that the migration process does not end with arrival at the destination; in fact, it only begins as the majority of students go through a nervous phase settling in a new country where they need few basic things organized before undertaking their studies. Our Post landing assistance ensures that the students feel at home in the new country with our hand-holding support services like Airport pick up, temporary accommodation, guidance on a part-time job, etc. and we are constantly in touch with the Universities/ Colleges when things would be new and unfamiliar for aspirants.

For Institutions

Enquiry Management
Enrolment Management
Admission Process Management
Cross Border Outreach Programs
Digital Promotions

How It Works

The university / institute provides its objectives for the global market.

Ambassadors are appointed in the desired markets

Edumpus executes the search for suitable student profiles along with the appointed ambassadors and complete the document as per the set admission policy

Edumpus provides office infrastructure and management support.

Edumpus provides monthly reporting and day-to-day supervision of the ambassadors.

Edumpus provides support on expenditures, HR and local logistics.

The locally appointed ambassador focuses entirely on the objectives set out by the university, school or college.

Who is it For?

Any university, school, college or training institution that needs & wants a presence globally without having to commit to significant resources at the outset.

Any organization that knows it needs a full-time representative driving specific objectives in the identified geographies.

Any institution that wants to carry out all the set procedures in the identified market in a controlled and well-managed environment without fixed long-term overheads.

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