Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Edumpus?

The Edumpus provides independent education consulting services for applicants and their families. Our expertise is in assisting clients with their admissions strategy and application process for Boarding & Day Schools, and Undergraduate, MBA and Postgraduate education. We also help schools with different aspects of the admissions process.

What makes The Edumpus different from other advisory services?

There are three important ways in which we distinguish ourselves -

Customised counsel: Our recommendations are customised for each client because we recognise that every applicant is different and we are committed to helping each one express his or her individuality throughout the process.

High qualified, diverse team: We have an international team of highly educated consultants from different professional backgrounds. Our knowledge and skills result in rich, holistic perspectives. Years of experience and our professional affiliations have helped us develop a deep understanding of the admissions process and gather school specific insights.

Data driven, virtual approach: We embrace technology in every aspect of our interactions to work seamlessly with applicants around the world and leverage data to derive insights and make recommendations.

Will The Edumpus help me choose the country/destination I should study in?

Higher education institutions in popular destinations have their unique characteristics, strengths and requirements. We can help you brainstorm and strategise geography/location, taking into consideration factors such as your goals, family circumstances, finances, language and cultural issues, academic performance, interests.

Will educational scholarships be available?

Yes, most universities do provide top performers with academic scholarships to ease their financial burden. Candidates need to apply for scholarships as soon as possible, and maintain high grades in all semesters in order to retain the scholarship.

Will The Edumpus assist me with scholarship and financial aid applications?

Edumpus can help you identify colleges where you have the greatest chances of being offered merit scholarships and financial need-based awards, and review your application form(s).

Financial aid for international students varies markedly based on country, institution, level of study and program. The majority of awards are merit-based and students are automatically considered; some require a separate application.

Are there any general entry requirements?

Yes, each country/university will have its own admission criteria that have to be met if the candidate's application is to be accepted. In most countries, candidate must have a good grasp of the English language, preferably with an IELTS or TOEFL score. Depending on the course being applied for, there will also be certain educational qualifications the candidate needs to possess.