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Global Catalyst Program

Global Catalyst Program is a package of services which helps any institution to recruit students through a set of activities carried out by Edumpus on behalf of the institution in the desired markets. To know more, click here


To avail the services of the Global Catalyst Program, an institution enters an agreement with Edumpus which lays down the service level agreement for Edumpus and the university. This also includes a set of events to be carried out according to the agreed schedule and market objectives.

Global Catalyst Program is for

Any institution from across the globe which has a reputation towards a diverse student community and also ensures global acceptance of the programs and certifications offered by them.

Campus Ambassador Program

The Campus Ambassador Program is an internship opportunity for the students studying in any higher secondary/ UG/PG institution which gives them a close insight on the Higher Education Consulting Industry. They can also opt for this industry as a full-time career option and Edumpus shall provide them with ample opportunities to pursue this.

Roles & Responsibilities

Evangelize about the products and services offered by Edumpus among the peer groups in their institution. Act as a single point of contact between all the users of the portal from that institution and Edumpus. Carry out engagement activities within their institution as advised by Edumpus.


A Campus Ambassador gets an Edumpus Certified Career Advisor accreditation towards the conclusion of their association with Edumpus. Edumpus also pays a handsome performance-based incentive to keep the ambassadors motivated and engaged through-out the tenure of the association. The Campus Ambassador learns the nuances of a $50 Bn industry worldwide and also develops contacts within the industry to help them with future career prospects.

Channel Partner

The Channel Partner Program is a franchise-oriented association between Edumpus and Education Consultants wherein the Consultants can make use of the portal provided by Edumpus to avail end-to-end services during the student recruitment process. Edumpus serves as a Enterprise Resource Management platform for the consultants and takes care of all the logistical and clerical aspects of the recruitment process.

How to Become a Channel Partner

Any interested consultant can follow the simple sign-up procedure online which is easily accessible to all the users.

Sign-Up Procedure

Click here to move to the sign-up form and fill the necessary details. Towards the end of the process, the terms & conditions are listed which is the online agreement between Edumpus and the Channel Partner.

Application Process

Select the desired course/institution from the list of institutions displayed based on your search resultsFill the contact information of the candidate and generate a password for that applicationNavigate to my applications pageClick on view moreNavigate to upload documents Upload the necessary documents as per the instructionsClick on submit applicationYour application is under review and a communication will be received with respect to the change in the application status as and when required.

Find Right Fit Suggestions

A candidate or the consultant may have certain choices in mind with respect to the course offerings, Fees Structure, Scholarship Options, Degree Awarded etc. You may select these options from the filter option in the left side of the user panel and the relevant options shall be displayed accordingly.

Track Application Status

There is a dashboard which shows the current status of all the applications under process. You can also export the data in a .xls format. You can also use the comments box to check about the most recent status of any application. You can call the Client Relationship Executive/Manager assigned to you or even send a message/mail across and all your queries relevant to the application shall be answered in due time.

Desired Markets

Edumpus offers its services in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sudan, Nigeria, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Mauritius, MENA region & Bhutan. An institution can choose any number of countries to recruit the students from and Edumpus shall carry out the necessary activities in these countries as per the service level agreement