Terms & Conditions

Edumpus is engaged in several activities. Prominent among which is providing services to students in the field of International education . The company (the Principal) is already offering services for the few years, with multiple associates across world. As part of our expansion plans, we wish to appoint associateses throughout world, in major cities and towns.

To be an associate of Edumpus, please note the following:

  • An 'official' associate is one who has entered into a written agreement with the company.
  • Such associates cannot appoint sub-associateses to facilitate their work or improve their business. Any such plans may be discussed and approval sought in writing from the Principal, M/s AEGIS Overseas.
  • Such arrangement with an associate is valid for the town/city approved and agreed for and for the duration as determined in the agreement. Financial terms and conditions governing the associate arrangement, which form part of the written agreement, will be determined in mutual consultation and acceptance.
  • The associate or its staff members should not be doing similar business or employment which is in direct competition with the business of AEGIS Overseas's. The principal will have the right to terminate the agreement immediately if such an instance comes to its notice. Further legal action will be initiated to redress the situation, through courts of law and/or by arbitration.
  • The Principal will provide services to the students of associateses to the best of its abilities and as per the terms and conditions applicable such package/service accepted for. However, the Principal will not be responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever, to either the student and/or associate, because of changes in the policies and procedures of universities/companies/agents with which the Principal deals.
  • Any dispute is subject to redressal within the legal jurisdiction only of New Delhi - 110020.

If you need any more information or clarifications about the franchise offer, please email to info@edumpus.com

You may also contact by phone, on the following numbers:
Phone: +91 8139000268 +91 8139000269