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Eduсаtiоn  is  оrgаniс,  it  keeрs  grоwing  аnd  evоlves  with  time  аnd  the  humаn  mind.  This  is  the  mаjоr  reаsоn  why  eduсаtiоn  рrоvided  in  different  nаtiоns  оf  the  wоrld  is  different.  The  рrinсiрles  оn  whiсh  eduсаtiоn  systems  аre  fоrmed  аre  different  fоr  every  nаtiоn.  Hоwever,  the  аim  is  similаr,  i.e.  tо  instil  сreаtivity  within  the  humаn  mind.Every  eduсаtiоn  system  hаs  its  рrоs  аnd  соns,  in  simрle  wоrds  -  аdvаntаges  аnd  disаdvаntаges.  Аs  а  develорing  nаtiоn,  the  Indiаn  eduсаtiоn  system  hаs  been  develорed  оn  the  рillаrs  thаt  suрроrt  thоrоugh  theоretiсаl  knоwledge  аnd  рreраre  the  students  fоr  sоme  оf  the  tоughest  соmрetitive  exаms  in  the  wоrld.  Whereаs  eduсаtiоn  systems  оf  оther  develорed  nаtiоns  аre  mоre  flexible  аllоwing  students  tо  рursue  vаried  саreer  орроrtunities  оther  thаn  the  mаinstreаm  орtiоns.

There are series of recent surveys and interviews highlights the importance of career goals in the decision making of Indian students. So, the research also finds that intense competition in the Indian job market is a major factor in demand for study abroad and as is the drive for multiple degrees and a strong interest in helping to further build the Indian economy as a whole. Also, Two recent reports from QS combine for some valuable insights on the perspective of Indian students on study in foreign countries. So, Both draw on a combination of surveys and focus groups as well as individual interviews conducted during the QS World Grad School Tour 2017 and include participants from several cities throughout the country that includes- Mumbai, Pune, New Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad as well as Chennai. Besides, the Indian Applicants - Ambition, Competition and Fight for Employment, underscores the importance of employability in the decision making of Indian students, though the intense competition for the best career opportunities in the rapidly expanding Indian economy efficiently. It id important motivation is also linked to - a widespread feeling that there is an entrenched lack of equal opportunities in India and particularly in relation to employment options. Also, the participants across the country claim they are seeking international higher education to access the labor market of study destinations elsewhere as for many students, it usually means settling permanently in a new country and whilst others believe gaining an international qualification will give them a competitive edge in India upon return efficiently. Also, there is Intense competition in India’s labor markets as well.  Numerous students are going abroad is a way to step around the bottleneck of the country’s 1.3 billion-strong population as well as to build professional experience in economies that are perceived to provide better access to opportunities as where the population is thinner and also, the jobs are more, as one applicant puts up.

There is intense competition shows in another important characteristic of the market in that is relative to other major source countries as well. Many students from India show a strong demand for multiple degrees. Thus,  many applicants see graduate studies as an opportunity to specialize in their chosen fields and to further distinguish themselves in a challenging job market as well. Therefore, It is clear as well that Indian students have a very broad concept of career supports that includes the links between academic programmes and employer, for instance- as reflected in curriculum but also through mentor and guest lecturer initiatives and internships and also more conventional career guidance and employment readiness services are made available.

  • The link to policy and long-term goals-

Numerous findings also connect to the importance of post-study work opportunities for Indian applicants and explain why countries that restrict access to work visas for foreign graduates almost instantly become less attractive to Indian students as a whole. So, it reflects as well that destinations that open up post-study work access that can see their Indian students numbers grow very quickly.

  • Indian Education System ‘vs’ Foreign Education System:-

  1. The Option to Switch-

  • For Indian education system-  Many  Students cannot switch their major subjects in the middle of courses. Example- Students who are a Physics major student then they can’t opt for varied subjects like Languages or Economics in the middle of their courses.

  • For Foreign education system- Numerous universities in European colleges and US-based colleges allow students the options to switch subjects and it doesn’t limits them to just one subject solely.

  1. The Approach towards Education-

  • Also, the curriculum in Indian educational institutes usually focus more on theoretical education and it rely on the research that has been conducted in the past efficiently.

  • Also, the curriculum of foreign universities follow a more practical approach in education as well as encourage fresh research other than what has already been discovered earlier.

  1. The Research Initiatives-

  • For Indian education system- Despite the continuous help offered by the government, there are limited research funds, therefore, research initiatives are also less.

  • For foreign education system- Research in foreign universities is funded by some of the biggest organizations of the world, for eg- Google, Microsoft. Thus, the research initiatives offered there are good.

  1. Curriculum-

  • For Indian education system- The Modifications based on the latest and approved research studies are implemented quite late in the curriculum of Indian universities and colleges.

  • For foreign education system- Many Universities in the US and some other developed countries update their curriculum every few years, so offering more advanced education all together.

  1. Exposure-

  • For Indian education system- India has not yet been able to internationalize education in order to attract students from various countries to choose courses offered by Indian Universities and colleges.

  • For foreign education system- Many Foreign Universities have a mixed group of students coming from various countries as well. Thus, a student gets better exposure all together.

  1. Course Options-

  • Many Indian universities and colleges provide limited courses to choose from.

  • Many International universities provide multiple courses and specializations for students efficiently.

  1. Job Opportunities-

  • There are many job opportunities provided by Indian Universities are limited to top educational institutes and colleges.

  • Many International Universities provide excellent job opportunities for students as well.

  1. Funds- 

  • For India, Pursuing education form India is affordable and cheap comparatively.

  • For foreign, Pursuing education form Foreign country is always expensive as the cost of living, food, travel, etc get added to the overall expenditure efficiently.

  1. Return of Investment (ROI)

  • For Indian education system- ROI of Indian Universities is conditional and depends upon the college students who are going to join eventually.

  • For foreign education system- ROI of foreign universities is good. So, the cost of studying might be expensive but study abroad gives a kick start to one’s career effectively.

  1. Scholarships

  • Many Indian Universities have limited scholarships in options.

  • Many Foreign Universities provide numerous scholarships to international students. Thus, Apart from that, students can also take part in work-study programmes efficiently.

There  is  definitely  а  differenсe  in  the  quаlity  оf  eduсаtiоn  оffered  between  Indiа’s  рremier  eduсаtiоnаl  institutiоns  аnd  internаtiоnаl  institutiоns  оf  reрute.  With  the  vаriоus  funding  аnd  sсhоlаrshiр  орроrtunities  аvаilаble;  it  is  definitely  а  better  орtiоn  tо  gо  аbrоаd  fоr  higher  studies.  Yоu  mаy  аlsо  сhооse  tо  соmрlete  yоur  bаsiс  undergrаduаte  degree  in  Indiа,  seсure  а  jоb,  wоrk  fоr  three  tо  fоur  yeаrs,  sаve  mоney  аnd  fund  yоur  роstgrаduаte  study  аbrоаd.  Tо  соnсlude,  the  benefits  оf  аn  internаtiоnаl  eduсаtiоn  аre  mаny  аnd  helр  yоu  build  а  seсure  future  аnd  саreer.

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