Why Choose Dubai As Your Study Abroad Destination

From being a desert oasis to being one of the largest and most successfully developed countries, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) or the middle east has brought wonders to the world. Dubai, being the largest emirate in the UAE, is the focal point for tourism, business, and high-standard education. It is a Hubspot for advanced technologies and modernization, and thus, a perfect spot for pursuing higher education. Studying here gives students a massive advantage over others due to the high reputation of Dubai and its educational institutions. 

There are many reasons which compel students to select Dubai as their study destination. The most propelling six reasons are given below: 

  1. Short application cycle, high chance of obtaining e-Visa

Are you someone who is planning his/her abroad education at the last moment and feeling like you have no options in your hand? Well, fortunately, you can apply to Dubai’s universities and educational institutions which have a very short application cycle. Students receive the offer letter from the universities within 10 working days after applying. Even the acceptance rates in Dubai are more than 90% and students can easily receive e-vis using which students can move to Dubai. 

  1.  Ample work opportunities through the expo

Dubai is famous for its business, tourism, and hospitality across the globe. One can find abundant job opportunities in this emirate and thus, 95% of the students after finishing their studies in Dubai stays back and pursue employment opportunities. Thanks to the world’s largest exhibition – expo, and FIFA world cup 2022, Dubai has victoriously grabbed the attention of the world with its amazing work prospects. 

  1. Economical higher education 

One of the crucial factors that you should consider to study in Dubai is its economical higher education. The cost of undergraduate degrees in Dubai is AED 40,000 to AED 90,000 while the cost of postgraduate degrees is AED 60,000 to AED 100,000. These costs are almost 50% of what the universities of the USA and UK charge. Even the living cost in Dubai which is AED 30,000 to AED 40,000 per annum is much less than other countries. The educational institutions in Dubai allow students to pay their fees in installments. 

  1.  Direct transfer to the USA, UK, or Australian universities  

The two centers in Dubai – Dubai International Academic City (DIAC) and Dubai Knowledge Park (DKP) are the free zones which allow international universities to set up their branches. Students studying in these international branch campuses can earn a degree/certificate from the universities of the UK, USA, Australia, etc. Even some universities in Dubai have collaborations with international universities which offer 3+1 and 2+2 programs. For instance, Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh allows students to study for 2 years in Dubai and then 2 years in Edinburgh. 

  1. Multicultural environment 

Dubai can familiarize students with the real meaning of diversity as it is home to people from more than 200 cultures, where they all speak English, Arabic, Urdu, Tagalog, Farsi, etc. One can witness a terrific blend of western culture with long-living traditions. Moreover, there are plenty of things that you can explore in Dubai culture like monuments, exhibitions, museums, galleries, festivals, etc. 

  1. A new golden visa scheme 

The UAE government has launched a new golden visa scheme to pave the way for bright students with endless employment prospects and abundant growth opportunities. This visa grants talented students and families a resident visa for 10 years using which they can seek employment in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. 

All in all, Dubai is a phenomenal choice for pursuing higher education. Considering the wide array of benefits, you will never regret your decision of choosing to study in Dubai. 

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