Virtual Education Is The Future Of Indian Education

Virtual education is the latest trend in Indian education

Moving Students From Digital Citizenship To Digital Leadership

A blog on how to move students from digital citizenship to digital leadership.

Skill Development Curriculum V/S Orthodox Curriculum

Why skills are given so much importance in this modern era is elaborated in this blog.

What Does An Indian Student Want - Different Perspectives

This blog describes the perspective of an Indian Student towards education.


How blended learning is bridging the gap between the traditional and modern approach to learning

Need For Smart Campus

A blog on the need for the smart campus.

The 9 Step Guide For Freshers To Study Abroad

The step guide for freshers to study abroad

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What Are Soft Skills And Why Improve Them

What are soft skills and why improve them

High School Teaching Vs Coaching Classes-The Differentiating Factors

This blog is about High School Teaching Vs Coaching Classes and the Differentiating Factors

Indian Government Scholarships To Study Abroad For Indian Students

Indian Government scholarships to study abroad for Indian students

Masters In UK For Indian Students

Masters in UK for Indian students. Get your masters degree from UK

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Masters In UK For International Students

Masters in UK for International students

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MBA In UK For Indian Students

MBA in UK for Indian students

MBA In London For Indian Students

MBA in London for Indian students

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10 Very Good Reasons To Do An MBA Degree In UK

Very good reasons to do an MBA degree in UK


The rising cost of Indian education is swiping over the savings of Indian households.

Use Of Technology For Simplified Admission Process

This blog will tell you about the basics of college admission procedure.

Fees Vs Employability A Risk And Reward Analysis

This blog is about Fees Vs Employability. It does a Risk And Reward Analysis

A New Chapter Of Globalization - New Education Policy

Foreign University to set up campuses in India according to the New Education Policy.